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"We named you Jessica so that you'd have the same initials as your dad. Also, it sounds cool."

When I reach the end of life, I'd like to

If this cool grandma ideology sounds like something you can get behind, know that I'll be rooting for you. We'll make it, one day at a time.

Book Exchange 2024

Want to meet people? Learn something new? Sign up here.

1. State your name, Discord handle, and book. "Book" is used really loosely here - it can be a collection of puzzles, a graphic novel, a how-to series, anything that holds meaning for you. It can even be made by you! The only rule is that it should be accessible digitally by your giftee.

2. When the form has enough submissions, I'll send you someone else's book, and send your book to someone else.


  • My question isn't in the FAQ. How can I contact you?

    💌 Email: jessica dot ruan at outlook dot com

    Book recommendations, memes, and cute stuff are always appreciated! If you have requests, I'm happy to oblige (within reason).

  • Where are you from / where are you at / what's on your mind

    🌲 Bellevue, WA, land of tech, rain, and evergreen trees /

    📍 Pittsburgh, PA, undergraduate CS major at Carnegie Mellon University /

    💡 that whoever's reading this has a beautiful day

  • Where else are you on the internet?

    😸 Github: jespiron

    🔮 Discord: sign up for Book Exchange 2024 and I'll add you!

    My other socials are private; if you'd like them, feel free to ask. I'm pretty open, just want to make sure I get a little of an intro from you first. In the end, I check email the most consistently, so you've already got the important contact.

  • The quote you put at the top of the page, is that real?

    Okay, to elaborate, and give more credit where credit's due, my parents were more deliberate in choosing my two other names meaningfully.

    The one that my relatives call me is 文晶, which is Mom's surname + crystal.

    The one that nobody calls me but goes in the genealogy books is 则灵, which comes from the verse, "山不在高,有仙则名; 水不在深,有龙则灵" (Rough translation: the mountain doesn't have to be tall; as long as it houses immortals, it'll be famous. the lake doesn't have to be deep; as long as it houses a dragon, it'll be spirited). I like the meaning; basically, don't judge worth based on outer appearance, but based on character. I got the "be spirited" part, while my brother got the "be famous" part.